Monday, November 30, 2009

You never know when an opportunity to "get your work out there" will come along.
Recently my very dear friend from the Jacksonville, FL, area, Dianna Lawrence, sent me an e-mail about a wine label design competition being sponsored by a national restaurant group promoting the release of a new Cabernet Sauvignon. The group is promoting "wine as art," with which I happen to agree, and will have the winning label design be the label for the new wine for about 6 weeks in the spring of 2010 through out the United States. That would mean a great number of people will see the label, and hence, see the art work of the creator. Wow! What an opportunity.
So I have entered the contest.
What are my chances of winning? Slim, at best; however, you never know what will catch the eye of the judge for the contest. As an artist, I have learned to never guess what my viewer will see in my painting. How could I possibly know what will draw the viewer in. My responsibility is to continue to create art with passion, with craftsmanship, and with ownership.
So what if I don't win the design competition. I now have a very nice piece of art that someone will want to enjoy. It would never have existed if Dianna had not sent me the contest notice.
So, at dinner tonight, I will open a nice, rich, Cabernet Sauvignon to share with my husband as we savor the warmth, and hearty flavor of our beef pot roast with seasonal vegetables. I guess I am a winner after all.


  1. I have thought you were funny from when I first met you, add insightful and so eloquent at painting a picture with words. So tonight I will have a gin and tonic after exercising and think of you. valerie

  2. Dear Susie, how did the wine label come out? I feel like I have come out of hibernation. The sun is wonderful and the afternoons are sunny and warm. Maybe I am a lizard.